NeuroPEAK-MHTF, is the Frau Pharma proposal based on Methyltetrahydrofolate

Methyltetrahydrofolate(MTHF) is a folate derivative, it is a natural product produced in the body by the metabolism of folic acid. MTHF is the biological active form of the folic acid(vitamin B).

MTHF plays an importante role in the DNA replication and cell subdivision cycle. Folates are found in a variety of food, like green vegetables, egg yolk, milk. Unfortunately folates contained in food are unstable and can easily loose their nutritional value during food processing and storage. Cooking may decrease the activity of folate up to 90%

Human beings can’t synthesize folate and the body can store a limited ammount of folate, for these reasons folate should be supplied by the food or supplemented by a quality nutraceutical product.

Folate deficiency may occur if:

  • dietery intake is inadeguate
  • increased need like in : pregnancy, lactation,child growth
  • drug use interference
  • enzyme defects
  • malabsorption

Folate deficiency may be associated to some severe conseguences:

  • neural tube defects in newborn, like spina bifida
  • cardiovascular disease
  • macrocytic anemia
  • omocystene level