NeuroPEAK-MHTF, is the Frau Pharma proposal based on Oleylethanolamide

Oleylethanolamide (OEA) is a natural product, is a product of oleic acid metabolism. FDA recognizes OEA as GRAS new dietary ingredient.

The compound has been exensively studied by US Irvine California Universitywith the sponsorship of National Institute of health (NIH).

It acts as appetite suppressor through interaction with the intestin PPAR receptors, that are sending a message of satiety to the brain. Oea doesn’t bind to CBI OR CB2 receptors, like other anoressic compounds. Overweight and obesity are widely spread around the world , OEA allows to control appetite by a natural safe product.

Positive effects of Oleylethanolamide:

  • decreases body weight
  • decreases hyperphagia
  • increases lipolysis
  • decreases hypertryglycerilemia
  • decreases hypercholeiterolemia