NeuroPEAK-PA, is the Frau Pharma proposal based on Phosphate Acid

Phosphatidic acid, known as PA, is a phospholipid, or a type of fat, found in a cellular membranes throughout the body.

It is involved in the transmission of molecular messages between cells. Phosphatidic acid is naturally produced in the body, it is present in all types of lecithins (soy, sunflower, etc..)

Phosphatidic acidi is proven to lower cortisol level in people under phsycal or phsicological stress. It binds to mTor receptor, and this interaction seems to be at the base of its activity in increasing resistance to physical activity and to increase muscle mass.

Positive effects of Phosphatylserine:

  1. Added to the diet, it balances cortisol levels in people undergoing psychological or physical stress
  2. Supplemented with phosphatidylserine, it supports both mood and cognition.